Girl, you don’t match! Pattern mixing part 2.

So, I tried it again.

This time I put a little more thought into it and re-read the rules of pattern mixing so that I was fully aware of the rules I was breaking (be wrong, strong! Remember?) I did cling onto two rules for dear life though:

1. Mix patterns from the same color family. Check – except maybe the gold in the scarf and the neutral beige of the base of the leopard print, but it’ll do.

2. Space the patterns out. Check, kinda’.  I discovered with my last attempt at pattern mixing, I’m just not that comfortable mixing more than two patterns.  Any they musn’t be right on top of each other.  Baby steps.

PRO TIP – This is also a rule I find applies to wearing colors (clothing, accessories, or make-up) that are closely related but just a shade apart.  Space them shits out!


Cookie likes it!


Even the spray bottle is in on it!


I finished up the look with some pretty neutral eye make up, and matching (breaking rules again!) red lipstick.  Another PRO TIP – This type of red was difficult to find a lipstick match for.  It’s not a true red, but is very cool.  A coral based red did the trick.

One nuance of note: Regardless of the outfit being a success or not, I was feeling pretty fierce that day.  I suspect I could have chosen clashing colors for the whole damn outfit and still been a bad bitch.  Confidence is just that good.

What do you think?  Did I nail it or do I need some more practice?