Valentine’s Day is Coming

valentine bokeh heart shaped light background

And it’s coming fast.  Even though it comes at roughly the same time every year, I’m always caught off guard.  This year I want to get the jump on planning instead of waiting until the last minute for inspiration to strike.

If I’m being honest though, even in the beginning, we’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day.  I know it’s cliche, but every day is pretty much Valentine’s Day for us (I know!  Gag!).  I see you rolling your eyes but let me explain:

1) We are really into each other.  Not unhealthily so – we both have our own hobbies and such, but we enjoy each other’s company and spend a lot of time together.

2) We don’t have any kids.  So when we feel like going out – we do.  When we see a shiny new toy – we treat ourselves. If some new activity or experience sounds fun – we’re there!  In essence, we spoil each other whenever we feel like it.

3) We’re what you’d call “home bodies.”  We like our house!  We, and by “we” I mean 95% hubby, have put a lot of work into our house to make it a sanctuary.  We’d rather be here doing the myriad of couple-y things you can do with each other in and around the house.

Even so, I should at least try, right?  I refuse to be “that wife.”  C’mon, you know that one wife who quietly anticipates Valentine’s Day every year, sure-but-not-so-sure her partner is going to read her mind and surprise her with that dinner/jewlery/vacation/new car she’s been dreaming of but is sorely disappointed when they come home with a drug store Russel Stover’s (WORST chocolate ever, btw) sampler at 11:53 pm the night of?  You know that wife?  You know that wife.

So, for some ideas the first place I visit is Groupon.   Straight to the Valentine’s Day section like a good little consumer.

You see, Groupon has saved my ass on a couple of occasions.  The first, was an introductory helicopter lesson for my all things transportation obsessed husband.  Bonus, he’d never been in a helicopter before.  Bam, I was in.

The second, was a bang up deal for the Rusty Wallace Experience race car driving package.  My husband got to take a few laps with a trained pro in one of their pro racing cars then they stuck him in his own (modified) stock car.  It was pretty fun to watch for me and he came away feeling like a rockstar.  So much so that he struggled for weeks to recover the video I recorded of him bombing around the track smoking the slow pokes.  Alas, it was not to be.  That video is long gone, but it doesn’t stop him from bringing it up whenever a conversation steers that direction.

But I digress…

Back to Groupon.  Unfortunately, it was a strike out this year.  Then I remembered that we’ve been talking about going to a Silvertips hockey game for a while.  Perfect!

Now a plan forms:

1) Breakfast in bed.

2) Morning blow job from yours truly, in a brand new outfit (duh!)

2) Dinner – should I cook or should we go out?

4) ‘Tips Game

Fun and done.  And I get a new outfit.  Which is what I really wanted. So we all win!

Plans might change between now and then but it’s always good to have at least one in the back pocket.

What are your plans for V-day?


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