Valentine’s Day is Coming

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And it’s coming fast.  Even though it comes at roughly the same time every year, I’m always caught off guard.  This year I want to get the jump on planning instead of waiting until the last minute for inspiration to strike.

If I’m being honest though, even in the beginning, we’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day.  I know it’s cliche, but every day is pretty much Valentine’s Day for us (I know!  Gag!).  I see you rolling your eyes but let me explain:

1) We are really into each other.  Not unhealthily so – we both have our own hobbies and such, but we enjoy each other’s company and spend a lot of time together.

2) We don’t have any kids.  So when we feel like going out – we do.  When we see a shiny new toy – we treat ourselves. If some new activity or experience sounds fun – we’re there!  In essence, we spoil each other whenever we feel like it.

3) We’re what you’d call “home bodies.”  We like our house!  We, and by “we” I mean 95% hubby, have put a lot of work into our house to make it a sanctuary.  We’d rather be here doing the myriad of couple-y things you can do with each other in and around the house.

Even so, I should at least try, right?  I refuse to be “that wife.”  C’mon, you know that one wife who quietly anticipates Valentine’s Day every year, sure-but-not-so-sure her partner is going to read her mind and surprise her with that dinner/jewlery/vacation/new car she’s been dreaming of but is sorely disappointed when they come home with a drug store Russel Stover’s (WORST chocolate ever, btw) sampler at 11:53 pm the night of?  You know that wife?  You know that wife.

So, for some ideas the first place I visit is Groupon.   Straight to the Valentine’s Day section like a good little consumer.

You see, Groupon has saved my ass on a couple of occasions.  The first, was an introductory helicopter lesson for my all things transportation obsessed husband.  Bonus, he’d never been in a helicopter before.  Bam, I was in.

The second, was a bang up deal for the Rusty Wallace Experience race car driving package.  My husband got to take a few laps with a trained pro in one of their pro racing cars then they stuck him in his own (modified) stock car.  It was pretty fun to watch for me and he came away feeling like a rockstar.  So much so that he struggled for weeks to recover the video I recorded of him bombing around the track smoking the slow pokes.  Alas, it was not to be.  That video is long gone, but it doesn’t stop him from bringing it up whenever a conversation steers that direction.

But I digress…

Back to Groupon.  Unfortunately, it was a strike out this year.  Then I remembered that we’ve been talking about going to a Silvertips hockey game for a while.  Perfect!

Now a plan forms:

1) Breakfast in bed.

2) Morning blow job from yours truly, in a brand new outfit (duh!)

2) Dinner – should I cook or should we go out?

4) ‘Tips Game

Fun and done.  And I get a new outfit.  Which is what I really wanted. So we all win!

Plans might change between now and then but it’s always good to have at least one in the back pocket.

What are your plans for V-day?


“I’ll Try Just About Anything Twice!”

Once for the experience, a second time to make sure I don’t like it.

Back story: I was walking along, minding my business, and I noticed this quote posted on someone’s cube wall:

It seemed to come at an opportune time.   With the new year and along with everyone else, I’ve been taking stock of my life.  It feels like it’s a bit stagnate.  I know that Hubby and I have been out of survival mode for a few solid years now and are working our way up Maslow’s Hirearchy.  Getting past the foundation seems to bring all those first world problems like self enlightenment and all that garbage.  Since I’m not quitting my day job to busk my way across America any time soon I wanted to start small.

How small you might ask?

It came to me this morning as I was reviewing the absolutely boring coordinated skirt and cardigan I laid out for myself last night before bed.  I had 10 minutes to scrap that idea and come up with a new one but there was one problem: I’m such a chicken when it comes to my wardrobe!  As a life long fat girl, I’ve had my trials and tribulations building my wardrobe.  By now I know what works on my body and what is flattering. However, I have yet to master the fine art of mixing patterns.

Then I recalled a post I came across on Nouveau North Westerners where  Ms. Alison’s pattern mixing left me a little uneasy but delightfully titillated.  How can I get in on that?  Today was my day!

I didn’t have the chance to take the outfit for a test drive at the grocery store (shut up, you know you do it too!) and certainly at 6:30 this morning no time to research the rules of mixing patterns.  So, I just went for it.  Yes, in the back of my mind the thought that even if I look terrible surely, it wouldn’t be worse than neglecting to brush my teeth or that one time in Vegas. My logical brain knows it’s dumb but even something as small as stepping out of my comfort zone by mixing up my clothing coordination – had me a little shook!   If I’m honest though, after lunch I forgot all about what I was wearing thus proving once again, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it.  Be wrong strong y’all!

The result: nailed it? I’ll have to try it twice more to make sure.

Pattern mixing makes me itch!

What are you tried and true tips for mixing patterns?  Lawd knows I could use some help!


A Black and Nerdy Diva

That's me!

That’s me!

You know that one “Black friend” everyone seems to have?  Yeah, that’s me.

But more than that I. Am. Random.  A Black, nerdy, random diva.

I know everyone likes to think of themselves as some kind of spe-shul sneuxflake but I promise, I am random.  I only have anecdotal evidence for this one, but when you hear over and over again how surprised the people you come in contact with are about “how different you are” read: how unlike your stereotype you are, it starts to stick with you.  It used to upset me that it seems I’ve been elected to the position of ambassador for Black people everywhere throughout my day to day interactions with non-minority folks, but recently my perspective has shifted a bit.  It’s occurred to me that I, little (or big) ole me, might be one of the few real life exposures some people will have with an actual, honest-to-God, Black girl.

So, to work on my writing and to provide a bit of a window into the random shit that a nerdy Black girl who grew up in the PNW is into – I make this resolution to myself to keep track and share my thoughts.  Maybe enlighten someone, maybe encourage others, maybe become a better writer, maybe learn something about myself.

There will be no rhyme or reason to what I choose to write about.  You’ve been warned.


The Black Nerdy Diva